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[signature_text_block font_family=”font3bold” font_size=”24px” line_height=”31px” font_wt=”500″]A little something about Steve[/signature_text_block]
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[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]Steve Anyiwo (aka Rapsody the 6ft3 or Rap6 for short), began his entertainment career as an MC from the London based hip-hop group Paragon. He and his partner Jiff had some success with the rap group, which was founded in the early 90’s, releasing a critically acclaimed album called The ‘Long Road’ in 2004. With the accompanying national radio, TV & live performances, Rap6 became well respected in the hip-hop scene in the UK. [/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]The energy and personality of Rap6 transferred easily onto radio, and as a result he made many guest appearances on stations including BBC Radio1, BBC 1Xtra, and Kiss FM. [/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]Hosting events was another way for Rap6 to interact with his core audience. The first event Rap6 hosted was in 1996 alongside the theatrical and dance legend Jonzi-D, in the infamous Wag Club. To date Rap6 has hosted numerous live events in the UK, ranging from community festivals to national tours in stadiums and large arenas. These include The Streets 10 Round Tour (2005) and the launch of Associated Newspapers live music event Metro Live (2011). He has also been featured on numerous TV channels either presenting, being interviewed, or performing. These include BBC, Channel4, ITV, MTV, and various cable/satellite channels, in countries all over the world.[/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2004 Rap6 became the host of the now internationally acclaimed hip-hop battle event The Jump Off. Receiving national coverage by MTV, BBC, Channel4, and associated with The Princess Trusts Urban Music Festival, amongst other major events, The Jump Off has become the ‘go to’ brand for anybody interested in tapping into the UK urban market. Alumni of the event include Professor Green, Diversity, and Grammy award winning producer Harmony Samuels. Rap6 continued his hosting role until retirement in 2014, and in the last couple of years of the show he shared the platform with BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Sloth, and Capital Xtra’s Manny Norte.[/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2006 Rap6 appeared in the feature film Life N Lyrics which starred Ashley Walters. It was at one of the live Jump Off events where the Life & Lyrics team spotted Rap6, who had never acted before, and asked him to audition for the film. Rap6 flipped what could have been a daunting experience into his next calling card. Rap6 was contracted to perform the speaking role of DJ in the film, and had a recurrent role throughout including some narration. The film was nationally released to cinemas in 2006. [/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2010 Rap6 was asked to participate in the film Street Dance 3D starring Nichola Burley and Richard Winsor. The film had already been shot, but the directors felt the club battle scenes could do with a bigger personality. As a result Rap6 was contracted to do ADR work on this project, and the film was released in cinemas nationally and internationally in 2010. [/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2011 Rap6 performed in the second instalment of the Street Dance franchise, Street Dance 2, starring Falk Hentschel, Sofia Boutella, and George Sampson. In this production Rap6 was asked to play the larger than life speaking role of MC. The film was released in cinemas nationally and internationally in 2012. [/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]Also in 2011, Rap6 was asked by Metro Newspapers to host their inaugural live music event entitled Metro Live. The first show in the new series of live events featured Sway, and was held at KOKO in London.[/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2012 Rap6 appeared in the BigTalk Productions / E4 drama entitled Youngers starring Calvin Demba, Adè Oyefesu, and Shavani Seth. The drama is a story about a group of friends in South East London who try to negotiate their way through teenage life. Broadcast in early 2013, Rap6 played the role of DJ Nitro Fyre. Season 2 of Youngers began recording late 2013 and Rap6 recurred his role as DJ Nitro Fyre. Season 2 was broadcast on E4 in 2014.[/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]In 2017 Rap6 was asked to appear in a number of short segments for an ITV show called The Nightly Show, alongside Joe Pasquale. This was broadcast in April 2017.[/signature_text_block]
[signature_text_block font_color=”#999999″ font_size=”12px” line_height=”25px”]2018 saw Rap6 involved in a number of creative projects that would diversify his performance credentials. This included a short film called ‘From One Pocket Into Another’ directed by the award winning Oskar Nillson, where Rap6 plays a character called ‘Slim’, and is scheduled for release in early 2019.[/signature_text_block]